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Floor Chain 

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Technical Information and Specifications - Floor Chain

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Installation Instructions
The Floor Chain Tie-down shall be located near a trailer cross member.
Measure 2 3/4 from the web of the trailer cross member to establish the centerline for the hole in the trailer deck (see Figure 1).
Figure 1





Drill a 1/4 diameter pilot hole from the underside and up through the trailer deck. From the top side use the 1/4 pilot hole to bore a 2 1/2 diameter hole through the deck.
Insert the Floor Chain Tie-down into the hole in the wooden deck from the underside. The top of the floor chain tie-down should be flush with the top surface of the deck. The bar must be squarely located against the cross member (see Figure 2 and Figure 3).








Weld the bar of the Floor Chain Tie-down to the cross-member. Weld along both sides of bar (see Figure 4). Do not weld chain link, it must be free to move.

NOTE: Minimum weld requirements are 1/4 fillet welds with 1/8 penetration. All welding to be in accordance with A.W.S. standards.

6 Clean, prime and paint the weld and weld area to resist rusting.
Figure 2 - Side View
Figure 3 - Front View
Figure 4 - Front View


Operation Instructions
Lift the lid of the Floor Chain Tie-down and
retract the chain.
Seat the tie-down assembly hook between two
adjacent links of the Floor Chain Tie-down (see
Figure 5).
Caution: Do not place the tie-down assembly hook next to the lid of the floor chain tie-down.
Figure 5


Inspection and Maintenance
Prior to each use, inspect for and replace any worn or damaged components.
Cracks in the weld area of the attachment point to the trailer cross member may be ground and rewelded as required per installation instructions.



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